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In support of the initiative of The State of Andhra Pradesh to create a world-class technology innovation ecosystem, the Global Commercialization Group of the IC2 Institute at TheUniversity of Texas at Austin, in concert with FICCI, is launching a world-class global accelerator at Tirupati.

The primary objective of the accelerator is to foster a culture of innovation in the SunriseState of Andhra Pradesh. The accelerator will aim to increase knowledge, wealth and employment in the State and beyond.

The initiative is multi-faceted, and includes training, advanced capacity-building for innovators and entrepreneurs, incubation and acceleration of tech companies into the global marketplace, mobilization of venture capital and access to the extensive global commercial development networks of both FICCI and the University of Texas at Austin.

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Cohort-1 (Sep 2016-Jan2017) Company Details

S. No Innovator Company NamePermanent Jobs Temporary JobsInternsInnovation
1Dr. Venkata Ravi Kumar BandaXCyton Diagnostics Pvt Ltd5World's first pathogen detection system that simultaneously detects all probable causative agents of Critical infections - Bacteria, fungi, RNA viruses, DNA viruses and parasites - in a single patient sample in a single test with a processing time of 7 hours.
2Mohan KandaswamyOriental Aquamarine Biotech India Pvt Ltd2Nitrifying Bioreactor technology for Re-circulating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) achieving optimum levels of nitrogenous compounds in water, and prevents Nitrate buildup
3Sameer PandaTycheeJuno Speciality Tyres Pvt Ltd125BPPC tyreprevents tyrebursts, cures puncture, balances tyre in dynamic condition, increases life and marginally increases fuel efficiency (3%).
4Dr.Shivraj DasariS.L.S.Cell Cure Technologies Private Limited3Ethically and scientifically explore the full potential of MolecularDiagnostics& Regenerative medicine through cell therapies.
5Antony AlappattMasterkube Software Products and Services Pvt Ltd53Software platform that delivers complex workflow processes seamlessly & securely, connecting people and devices in real-time. Easy to learn, improves software productivity by 50% and reduces defects
6Krishna RaviReckon Green Innovations Pvt LtdLED tube lights, with plug-in end caps, to reduce retrofit time by 90% and electricity load by 65%, extending life by 85%
7Mr.Gulam Mohamed ArifPhyto Specialities Pvt Ltd2A formulation for treating non-healing ulcers, such as diabetic ulcers, based on phyto active principles, made from safe herbal ingredients, applied externally.
8Mr. Srihari KotelaeFresh Agribusiness Solutions (P) Ltd85Facilitating reduced agri input costs, improved farm productivity, natural resources conservation, compliance with climate changes and market linkages for rural population through digital technology.
9Sundara Rajan SampathJanani Foods Private Limited200Physical and IT infrastructure for horticulture and spice crops, providing value from farm to processing to market.
10Satyanarayana.NVMegasoft LtdFinds and retrieves the stolen communication devices like Smart phones, Laptops, Tablets etc., without the help of the Law enforcement authorities.
11Chanchal DassDass Oil Field Technology Pvt LtdInnovative oil and gas production technology that assists with highest efficiency oil production, oil production by 50%, and reducing field development costs by 25%
12Saswat Kumar PandaLearnitude Technologies Pvt. LtdEfficient ERP for SME, and product development for start-ups.
13Sudhir Reddy RebalaRominguardBio pest repellent solution for post-harvest applications in food packaging, storage and transportation.
14Hemanth SatyanarayanaImaginateNuSpace is a 3D remote collaboration platform that emulates real world interaction, using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality technologies in training, planning and other applications.
15Giridhar Raju N MElectric MobilityClean energy electric mobility solution
16Aroop Kumar DuttaExCel Matrix Biological Devices (P) LtdA rapidly deployable primary wound care device to handle all wounds effectively on-site.
17Suresh MunuswamyPHFIAUTOMETRY automates measurement of height, weight and BMI, from new born to elderly, gender-independent. Automates nutrition-based wellness and clinical services
18Ajay KumarDevlokA thrilling experience of God's creation, a mystical experience, an adventurous expedition. Devlok: A divine world, truly the abode of happiness.
19Toms K ThomasOlive Touch Health Care Services Limited / iDecideiDecide is an Android-based mobile phone application, providing an easy, secure and low cost way to manage patient health information.
20Hariharan PVAgro-Biogenics (Clean-Tech) Pvt LtdBiomass engineered composites that allow villagers to make hybridized bamboo structures for carrying load.
21T N SreenivasExafluence 12Building 360 degrees Customer view and RWE platforms, using big data, analytics and IOT latest technologies.
22VijayanNeuecotechsUnique home garden and composting solution.
23Mr. Hardik H SanghviVMukti Solutions Pvt LtdIoT Cloud Video Streaming and Surveillance, with state-of-the-art smart cloud camera offerings. They offer IoT video platform licensing and indoor/outdoor smart cloud cameras.
24Sandeep MenonRiver-TideIn the RiVER pedagogy in primary education being developed by the Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources (RiVER)
25Nitin ChavanOctapace Engineering Solutions Pvt LtdOctapace, foam-controlling technology, is an innovative solution tothe problem of foam in industrial processes. Reduces or eliminates antifoam usage.

Cohort-2 (Feb 2017-Jun 2017) Company Details

S. No Innovator Company NamePermanent Jobs Temporary JobsInternsInnovation
1Nitin ChavanOctapace Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.Patented de-foaming process, requiring no noxious chemicals
2Nikunj ParasharSagar Defence Engineering Private LimitedUnmanned Marine Vehicle Control
3Hari Muralidhar PVSZraddhaa Information Services Pvt. Ltd3Global Cyber security services that provides comprehensive cost effective Information Security and Privacy solutions & Services to financial companies and businesses that need to comply with regulations and policies.
4Aditi ChadhaDAZLDAZL-Fashion Jewellery with IoT
5Srikanth CherukuruIDOS INDIA PVT LTD22IDOS is a accounting software which is very simple to use
6Venu PolineniTelluris Biotech India Private LimitedDevelopment of a new generation of nematicides: Cocktails to effectively target root knot nematodes.
7Rajeev RanjanAGpulse Private LimitedAyurvedic Pesticide
8Sowjanya/Rama Prasad AkkineniSowjanya healthcare solutions1515Organic Disposable Shaving Brush
9Satish Vishnu PathakSamiep Technology Innovations Pvt. Ltd.Digital Controlled Precise Dispensing Valve for Liquids under Gravity Flow
10Anil Kumar guptaA.K.Diabetic Herbal Pvt LtdEnhancement in the yield of ethanol using iron nano particles
11K Chandra PrakashSiva Kameswari Coir IndustriesCoir Composite Board
12P.M.MurugesanM/s Rope Production CentreLow cost banana rope spining machine
13Dr.Lakshmi VVCompany yet to registerOrganic manure from bird feathers
14Prabhakar DKSAdvaanced Biotech Research ProjectsDoubling Agricultural Productivity assuring Food Security
15Golla DayamouniDAYAfeedsThis is the novel product for feeding cattle
16N P Komala RaveendraCompany yet to registerPlanning to design easy and effective ways of learning methodologies and Imparting communication skills in English to the Rural folk. Our team is working on to build Artificial intelligence (AI) tools focusing on language acquisition habits and patterns.
17Renu Sarath babu VegesnaVegesna BiosolutionsNutri Bran Erinched Biotech Solution for feed Industry
18K.Jagajjanani RaoCompany yet to registerTowards Smart Nanofabrics: Green Route Economical Reinforcement of Cloth Fibres with Nanoparticles for Special Applications
19Chanchal DassDass Scientific Research Labs Private LimitedDass Center of Excellence in Mathematics
20Suresh AvvaruTownyAppMobile App for hyper-local social network to avail services like food delivery, groceries, medicines and movie tickets.
21Sundeep KCompany yet to registerWifi, IEEE 802.11.We sell products for a wide range of customers which offer social, green and paperless marketing.
22S. ChaitraMakeYourFit Pvt LtdAugmenting Virtual Reality (VR) technology for custom fit fashion.
23G.Vimal KumarVirus Stopper Antivirus SoftwareProviding Antivirus to SUNRISE STATE OF ANDHRA PRADESH
24Tarangini KorumilliCompany yet to registerNovel Green Anti-dandruff Formulation Idea with Active Nanosilve
25S Sneha ChowdaryCompany yet to registerAndroid/ iOS application for goods on wheels

Cohort-3 (July 2017-Oct 2017) Company Details

S. No Innovator Company NamePermanent Jobs Temporary JobsInternsInnovation
1Dr Abhay ShendyeSwasti Agro and Bioproducts Pvt LtdSwasti has patented, biotechnology based sprayable non-toxic products that prevent diseases of crops by three independent mechanisms, and eliminate production loss risk of 30 - 90%.
2Vani K MSwagene Private Limited
3Sarat Chandra Vidya Sagar JampaniRydeassistHead Up Display for Connected Vehicles
4Arul MuruganChloroplast Foods Private LimitedSupply chain delays are forcing the food companies to add chemicals into the products to keep it unspoiled for long time. In Organizations wrong snack choices affect the productivity and causes life style diseases. Snackexperts is solving this problem by
5NizamudheenVahmine Technologies Pvt. LtdToolyt is an intelligent app for the field officers, which is automated with event and data driven workflows to increase their productivity. Unlike any other product, Toolyt focus more on the 'effort' taken by the field officers.
6Bidhan PramanickNo CompanyCarbon TEM grid, fabricated using Carbon- Microelectromechanical systems technology, has application for wide variety of samples in TEM include CNT,CNW, nanoparticles, biological cells/tissue.
7Aswini NunnaCyrrup technologiesOur product
8Mathan babu baskaranNo CompanyHassle free pumping solution for farmers which work on atmospheric pressure, decreasing the cost and increasing the efficiency than the traditional pumps working on electricity and fossil fuels.
9Ravi Ganesh ManthaSuswa Infoway (P) LtdMMIS Technologies and Concepts
10Naturetech Infrastructure Private LimitedNaturetech Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.Smart metering system with features such as automatic meter reading, connection connect/disconnect, online payment, sms alerts etc, well-suited for both urban and rural areas at a manufacturing cost per
11Dr Sudhir MuthyalaSYS3Smart Solar Drip Irrigation with Crop Tracking
12Solar Conduction DryerS4S TechnologiesVegetable dryer
13Parag HarolikarCOHUMCOHUM is a system that aims to reduce time-to-appropriate-treatment in a medical emergency. The system includes a wearable ID, an emergency hotline, and a secure medical history database accessible from anywhere
14Anurag GuptaElegane BikesIoT based network of automated hub stations for bicycle pooling
15Chandra prakash kamanaSiva Kameswari Coir IndustriesWe M/s Siva Kameswari Coir Industries created a dedicated vertical to handle the demand of Natural Organic Manure. Our core objective is to become a one stop destination for all the gardening requirements. Specially we are planning to work as a Design stu
17G Bharat YadavISF TechnologiesFood Production must increase by 60% in order to cater the needs of growing population by 2050 FAO, United Nations Normally water samples are taken from the pond and tested in the laboratory once or twice in a week and there is inaccuracy in the values
18Manohar SambandamGreen Robot Machinery Private LimitedGreen Robot Machinery ( GROBOMAC ) develops precision agriculture machines for harvesting of horticulture produce and cotton crop. These machines which uses Robotics and Machine vision technology, minimises the peak labour requirements during these operat
19NarayanaswamyRURU Infrastructure Pvt.LtdBuilding ethno-demo-geography specific, non-farm diversified, productive and sustainable rural clusters with state-of-the-art technology to solve rural to urban forced migration in India.
20Venkatesh Naik AmgothuNo CompanyZanani manufactures low cost farming tools, equipment and innovative techniques for cultivation process based on crops. The equipment available for hiring purpose in every division of district of AP.
21Sree Krishna SeelamZestax Technologies Pvt LtdWe help individuals and organisations file IT returns in a hassle free manner along with providing 365 days of accounting and advisory services.
22Rayala SathyaSree Sadhguru Innovations Pvt LtdMy Talking Tree is the next step forward in revolutionizing digitized classrooms and is capable of teaching concepts and theories in the most simplified, captivating and interesting manner. The students will never encounter a dull moment whilst learning
23RevanthiCommute Technologies Private LimitediCommute bridges the gap between transit agencies and people by providing latest and real time info about Bus, Metro and Trains in a city
24N Kiran kumarNo CompanyMicroWash With Auto-Fusion Technology
25Kausthub Kaundinya YJarsh Innovations Pvt LtdMiniaturized cooling technology
26Ashok AroraIncredible GroupNUTAS, a scientifically trusted innovation in treating cancerous tumors in breast
27Dr Dev lal SharmaOmatek lab pvt ltdEdible Bio-side A per organic acid based Safe, effective, advantageous, Innovative disinfectant for sanitizing/ sterilizing air, water, food, pharma & Agro based fruits and vegetables products
28Mallikarjun Reddy GaddamKrishiYogKrishiYog is a technology based service provider that intends to provide end-to-end services to smallholder farmers that include-access to institutional credit, extension services and output marketing. We are pioneering a sharing economy based approach towards delivering the above services and promoting rural agripreneurs. Our initial channel of customer acquisition is through Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO).By providing tools to run the groups effectively and provide services inexpensively and effectively, we wish to revive the dormant farmer groups (FPO, co-ops). We are developing an engagement based discount model for members of these groups, through which we plan to encourage positive behavior and empower the farmers. We believe this will help revive the groups, pass on massive benefits to member-farmers, engage rural youth in agri-allied services and stop distress urban migration.We are positive that effective implementation of our approach will digitize agriculture, make smallholder farming profitable and enable market led production, thereby bringing efficiency in the post-production value chain. We are also sure to develop these farmer groups into hubs that capture majority of the rural spending and sustainable multi-crore businesses.
29Bharath PrabhuDronera The IndigenesMulti role autonomous drone, to examine fenced parts of the border in an effort to stop militant infiltration
30Rahul MarriNo CompanyThis e-commerce site is created for the handloom workers in order to show them a platform to sell their goods.And this the project should be done under government so that it helps to get sustainable living for them.
31Uma maheshNo CompanyNANO Transformer - Electrical Fire Free & Shock Proof system
32Ravikumar MachaniNo CompanyBiochemical for paper industry
33Sreekanth EragadindlaNo CompanyPhotoClickPay is a patent pending technology with patent number 201741018186 Problem: Almost 60% of the people are unable to pay basic bills like Electricity in online, 90% of the parents unable to purchase children bus pass/renew via online. With PhotoClickPay, Anyone can make a payment without sharing number, card details, stand on queue and user makes a payment with a technology that human kind is born with, which is recognizing pictures.

Cohort-4 (Nov 2017-Feb 2018) Company Details

S. No Innovator Company NamePermanent Jobs Temporary JobsInternsInnovation
1N V V Kiran VuppalaCerelia Nutritech Pvt LtdCerelia Nutritech envisions redefining the way in which nutrients are being delivered. We aim to contribute to the enrichment of the Quality of life through IP based social enterprise by developing frugal, socially inclusive innovations through the transdermal route. With our innovative technology we are developing affordable products for tackling one of the most pressing problems of our country viz., micronutrient deficiency or hidden hunger. AAYUH, Cerelia Nutritech first product offering for pregnant women is a novel, cost-effective, transdermal multi-micronutrient product in the form of a face cream or a similar, an everyday item used by women. AAYUH aims to deliver Iron, B12 and Folic acid, the micronutrients essential for improving the anaemic state via the skin directly into the blood. The developed product will be used as an alternative system to tackle anaemia by overcoming the problems of the existing interventions. Later, we would extend our portfolio for a wide array of transdermal micronutrient products catering to different needs like menopause women, micronutrient deficiency in children, nutrient delivery for diabetics, sports supplement, geriatric supplement, anti-obesity supplement, palliative care and post cancer treatment.
2Ramya S MoorthyCompany yet to registerThe objective is to design, develop and deploy mechatronic training kits with an emphasis on enhancement of psychomotor skills for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With an more economically friendly approach and assistance to therapists and parents in training the children in less repetitive manner. - The ACROBOTS is first of its kind to impart various psychomotor skills through active learning. - It is a breakthrough method in active learning through gamification - It imparts the daily life activities and its associated essential skills - it inculcates generalization of the skills addressed despite specificity in training - It allows tracking of the improvement of the children through a recorded database and an automatic feedback to help modify the training acordingly
3Dr Varsha SInghReal World Nutrition Laboratory FoundationIn recognition of outstanding research work on various aspects of omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed, ICAR granted ?ICAR (AICRP) Linseed Value Addition Center? at ?Center of Innovations in Nutrition Health and Disease? (CINHD) in IRSHA, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune. We continued the initiative of ICAR center by establishing a ?not for profit? company ?REAL WORLD NUTRITION LABORATORY FOUNDATION? (RWNLF) to test the innovations developed at CINHD for its commercial potential. The promising innovative ideas developed at CINHD are taken up by RWNLF. The goals of the RWNLF are, to scale up and validate the innovations developed at CINHD, explore their commercial potential and marketability. RWNLF scales up the production, studies its shelf life, quality control aspects, test markets the product to ensure consumer acceptability before taking up large scale production with the help of established industry in the field. The main thrust of RWNLF is to resource omega-3 from Flax seed and enrich various food products including eggs, chicken, milk, dairy products, sweets, biscuits, chocolates etc. Therefore RWNLF seeks collaboration with dairy, bakery, poultry, nutraceutical, and edible oil industries. Currently we are marketing omega-3 rich flax seed oil, flax seed oil soft gel capsules and omega-3 rich eggs. All these products are registered with FSSAI. We also market omega-3 rich poultry feed to our customers for production of omega 3 eggs. In addition to this flax oil emulsion for direct consumption is also ready. Third party validation is going on. We have obtained FSSAI license for the same
4Chandrasekaran JWatsan Envirotech Private LimitedWe use nano-clay candles for micro filtration which filters the pathogens and heavy metals, turbidity and odour, colour etc. We have impacted already 1,50,000 + in India and have also developed region specific water purifiers like arsenic removal and fluoride removal. We have tried trials in Renga Reddy district and Hyderabad and the results for fluoride removal without the alum method is very encouraging.
5Srikanth MAcademy of Robotics Pvt. LtdThe objective of the Patented Invention, Tiny Blocks, Technically named as Modular Electronics Prototyping Kit is a tool to design an indigenous experimentation platform for building prototypes of complex electronic systems and also to design an economic learning tool for electronic circuits? operation. Further helps creating various Prototypes for students/engineers. Triggers Self Employment or incorporates Employable skills to young graduates. Currently extending into Smart Farming and Renewable-Energy. Currently 2 patents applied, vide: 201641033656 & 201641031164. And 2 are in pipeline. There are 2 models in this innovation: Version Young Sparks - This is designed for kids for Experiential Learning (STEM model) for various science experiments, Robotics and Embedded Systems, and be ready for the futuristic world. They have unlimited fun and learning with Applied Electronics. Version Junior Scientists - Designed for Diploma and Engineering students, seeking for a career in Startups, Product Based Innovations, Experience for career in Employment Industry, or working out on their own Project, a Perfect Prototyping Tool and Learning Tool! Can be expanded to IoT and Various other plugins very easily.
6 Veena MoktaliPeriwinkle Technologies Pvt. LtdThe trans-vaginal digital colposcope (TVDC) is used to provide cervical screening with visual inspection and diagnostic confirmation of cancer with colposcopic triage in a single visit, at ~ 1/10th the current costs to the provider and at 1/3rd the fee by the patient. Due to faster diagnosis offered at lesser cost and without any discomfort, more and more women can avoid progression of the cervical lesions to a CIN3 (stage 3 cervical cancer). The same technology can be used for any epithelial cancer screening in future.
7Krishna Kumar RanganathanAeroLake"World First World Finest" green based aeration technology, dedicated to Lake Management & Aqua Culture Pond Management. AEROLAKE will be the brand name which takes care of 1) Thermal Regulation for thermal stratisification ... (First time in the world) 2) Liquid Incinerator for Bio/Chemo Dosing (Again First Time in Aquaculture) 3) Aeration at Euthoriphication Zone to control all the negative parameter of Lake/Ponds. All these with absolute conservation on power which brings down the power bill to 1/10 Under Make In India Scheme, Prototype funded by Punjab National Bank under Women Entreprunership
8Shailendra RakhechaINNOVATION QUESTAnimated t-shirt is world first movement based t-shirt which works automatically ?yet not required any batteries or electronic connections the process of movement done in T shirt is very simple normally what happens is when we walk our hand moves forward and backwards which also create a pressure in t-shirt specially in armpit area of T shirt what we have done is for movement of a cartoon character joins one end of ?rope To armpit area of T-shirt and other to the part which will moves of a cartoon character for example hands legs eyes movement, there are other materials like elastic fusing cloth, Eylet, ?which will help to move ?the animated part more easily so what will happen is as we walk the animated part with the help of rope moves and with elastic it comes back to its normal position and by continuous movement of hand the path moves which creates a animation in t-shirt all materials used to make this movement or normally used in apparel industry which are safe to wear.
9Dr. Raja Rama GandhiKRRG Technologies Pvt LtdThe present invention relates to the system and method for collaboration and development of educational institutions, universities, organizations in general and particularly to a system and method for integrating features that facilitates collaboration and development. Many universities and other educational institutions conduct important and basic research in a variety of technical areas. Often that research deals with patentable concepts. In some instances, the research is funded by outside sources such as private industry and/or government funding. Often however, the universities and non-profits conduct self-funded research. Given the financial environment for many universities, the ability of such universities to fund a patent program and obtain protection on their novel and non-obvious contributions is often limited. In some instances, many universities and other educational institutions are aware of only few funding agents, industries, investors and the like which they know from by the word of mouth or through a reference. Knowing other funding agents would be helpful in generating grants for the research work. Contacts with other existing universities are essential for grading of a university and its development. Many universities conduct conferences and invite participation from plurality of organizations. Usually the invitation is sent only to educational institutions that are nearby, and to other institutions that the university has contacts with. There is no platform to collaborate plurality of universities to interact, share knowledge and participate in events. Faculty development process is an essential aspect for development of teaching professionals. This process is usually limited to the sessions conducted by professors the universities have ties with. Global exposure is necessary for enhancement of skills and out of box thinking that leads to the development of an individual. Certain beliefs insist that the development of a country lies in star
10PrabhuO2TekThe present invention is realered to the field of deying of yarn and fabricks with oxcigen and without using of water. The textile dyeing industrys useing harmful dyes of denzidine and heavy metals are toic , We have clear solution.
11Ashish GawadeJeevtronics Pvt Ltd.Defibrillator is a life saving device used to bring a person's heart back to normalcy when the person has had a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). We have developed the world's first dual powered (electricity+ hand cranked) defibrillator that works in areas without electricity and will be priced at 1/4th that of big brands while maintaining similar or better quality levels (CE/US FDA expected). New features and cost advantage are protected by 4+ patents.
12Naveen kumar ChowdariLoop technologiesThe current app is designed in such a way that it connects people who are travelling. The vehicle owners can share the empty seats in their vehicle to the riders who are looking for a medium to travel to their destination. There are two benefits for the citizens out of this. 1. Vehicle owner - Can share the vehicle and thus reducing the vehicle maintenance expenses through a nominal fees. 2. Rider- Can get transportation at a reasonable fare. 2. Eco System- Reduces traffic and pollution Mutual benefits: 1. Improves public network and camaraderie.
13Rajendra KharulGenrich Membranes Pvt. Ltd.?Genrich Membranes aims at indigenizing high-tech membrane science for the benefit of society and industry at affordable cost. India?s first company manufacturing hollow-fiber membranes as technology platform for gas (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and Biogas) enrichment. Most advanced application is oxygen enrichment of atmospheric air at certain pressure, providing 22-65% oxygen enriched air instantaneously at site. The oxygen enriched air has medical & non-medical applications. Medical applications involve providing oxygen therapy (~27-35% supplemental oxygen in breathing air) to patients suffering from chronic lung diseases (COPD, Asthma, interstitial lung disease) and to pre-term babies. Oxygen therapy is as essential as pills for these patients and plays crucial role to improve life-expectancy and life style. The current methods of oxygen therapy depend on imported technology and/or hardware, maintenance intensive, mostly available in big hospitals. Though the oxygen cylinders are easily available in urban area, associated logistic issues make them costly for semi-urban, rural and remote area. In a nut-shell, currently oxygen therapy is costly & out-of-reach of majority patient population. Genrich aims to bridge the gap by providing affordable and accessible oxygen therapy to the every needy patient. Our method is energy efficient, needs minimum maintenance, easy to operate, and importantly decentralizes oxygen therapy from big hospitals and makes it available to the patients from semi-urban, rural and remote areas also. Non-medical applications encompass industrial use including aerobic fermentation; comfort application
14Hari Krishna Reddy Nivriti Solutions Global Private LimitedOur Current Applications are user friendly and they are provided to global customers on Cloud Model. Applications are build to meet daily and day to day operations of the organizations spanning across Logistics, Hospitality, Schools & Colleges and Tiles Industry.
15pradeep rapoleOorjaOorja offers a solar thermal storage and biomass based power generation system using steam engine. This solution comes with a heat storage system for operation during non-solar hours and at the same time can be operated using biomass combustion. Unlike steam turbines, steam engine is a simpler mechanical equipment that can be easily maintained by any technician in a rural community.
16Venkateswara Rao PantangiValue Multiplier Consultancy Services (VMCS)Projects are complex by their very nature. Traditional Project Management Approaches / Tools don't address how to manage Uncertainties and Innumerable Dependencies. They drive wrong behaviours driven by traditional Measurements. Critical Chain Methodology based on Systems Approach driven Theory Of Constraints Management Philosophy is considered to be a Breakthrough, Most Contemporary and Future Proof Solution to drive the Projects effectively to reduce Cycle Times by about 30% and more while being within the Budgets. It is very heartening to note that Japanese Government had mandated that all their Projects of Public Works Departments must follow Critical Chain as a Default Standard. ProChain Solution Inc. is a US based Pioneer in the space of Critical Chain - having transformed the way Projects are driven at Fortune 100, Fortune 200 Organizations. Value Multiplier Consultancy Services (VMCS) is a Partner of ProChain & executed maximum number of Engagements in Critical Chain in India & in Infrastructure / Construction Projects. While Critical Chain shall address Schedule/ Duration Dimension in Projects, the other important Dimension is 'Budget/Cost'. This is where VMCS had built a Strategic Relationship with StrategicERP who are Specialists in Construction Specific ERP with about 150 Customer Base. ValuePro - A Digital and Disruptive Platform is intended to bring best of both the Worlds - Solutions addressing Schedule/ Duration and Budget/Cost Dimensions. There is no other Solution in the Market that does this.
17Sri Aditya DevalrajuzockethubWe ZocketHub are a premier home automation and IOT services company. We work effortlessly to build the most affordable , intelligent and feature rich modular home automation products. Our major product is a very affordable home automation solution, which gives you a bang for the buck product. Its a feature rich, intelligent product which calmly slips behind your switch board and instantly make you ordinary switch board into an intelligent environment aware and control from any where in the world smart switch board.
18Gaurang KotnisTrilok Food IndiaFood processing facility is set up to reduce post harvest loses under public private partnership between Trilok Food India and DST, Govt. of India. Vegetable processing line includes dehydration units to get dry products and retort facility to make shelf stable Indian traditional curries and breakfast without addition of any chemicals or any preservatives. Both dry and wet products are Nutritious, healthy, tasty and affordable. All these products are 100% natural and having shelf life of 12-18 months at ambient temperature. The project is executed with holistic approach and economical sustainable and generate zero waste. Our project supports 50 farmers for assured price for vegetable grown by them in total 200 acre land. The range of our products includes Soup premix, Vegetable curries, Cooked breakfast and snacks which are marketed under trademarks Bigmeal, Just Sip and Just eat. Technology provided by ICT( Formerly UDCT) mumbai under guidance of Mentor- Dr. Smita Lele.
19Amrutha ValliPurpleApple Infosystems LLPVision of ?PurpleApple Infosystems? is to play a key role in Smart Cities & Digital India Initiatives with the help of latest technologies. Our Objective is to ?Provide Smart & Simple, Innovative & Interactive, Competent & Cost Effective Digital Solutions to our customers in order to propel business growth & generate brand awareness?. ?Redefining Business? is the latest mantra used by all Entrepreneurs & Enterprises. Enterprises are looking for innovative solutions to Engage, Entertain & Educate the customers effectively to promote the products which will boost the revenues Website: http://www.purpleappleinfo.com Our Products : ============ 1) "Virtual Humsafar" (Google Play Store) ? A true companion while travelling!!! Along with AR features of geo-scan, geo-location, geo-alert and image recognition, embedded the geo-fence, panic settings, track & chat features to provide safety to the travellers 2) "TRYb4uBUY" (Googe Play Store) ? Smart way to shop & asimple way to connect & engage with customers!!! Customers can place the products either jewellery, dresses or furniture in real world & take purchase decision. 3) ?scanNsee? ?A generic marketing tool with app & platform which can be used by any enterprise. Roadmap : ======== 1) SLAM Technology : Existing AR applications work mostly on image identification. SLAM does not require images, but works on environment & context. This can be used in Travel industry or Architects or interior designer or any Enterprise 2) Spatial / Geo Recognition : Used in Travel industry to identify an monument based on the Geo Location
20AmarnathBuchukAutomatic food cooking machine is to make all varieties of dals, curries, sambar etc., automatically. There is no manual intervention in this machine. Example : If you put the raw potatoes, then our machine will wash, peel and chop the vegetables. After that you need to select the curry from the menu, which you like. That's all. The remaining process will take care by our machine. It can cook the curry which you selected and you will taste the yummy food. Using IoT, you can operate the machine from anywhere. If you are in office, then you can start and give menu options directly, then when you reach home, your recipe is ready. Using Artificial Intelligence you can select the recipe from the internet and apply to the machine.
21Venkatesan SitaramanNVICO Energy Private LimitedA User-friendly Tender Coconut Cutter with ergo packing where passenger can drink tender coconut: HASSLE FREE TENDER COCONUT CUTTER (To Carry & Open Tender Coconut whenever Required)
22Renu Sarath Babu VegesnaCompany yet to registerPolluted Lake Reclamation, Waste Water Treatment, Reuse and Recovery, Solid waste Management, Odor control, Improving Biodegradability of Recalcitrant Molecules. Improving quality of Drinking water. For drinking water Treatment as an alternate to Chlorination and Ozonation. For Aquaculture water treatment with the option for Zero Water Exchange. For Restoration of Polluted lakes in a very short time with minimum equipment and manpower. For improving the Degradation of Plastics and other recalcitrant chemicals in the environment.
23Medari pullaiahOmsri umamalleswarabambooplywoodproducts Making bamboo ply. All technology and information for the project is available. M/S IPIRTI is ready to work with me to establish the project. DIPP recognition received. Only funding help is pending.
25Dogga RaveendhraArka EnergiesProposed inverter utilizes small passive components between input and output side to provide the required voltage gain, leads to reduced DC bus voltage requirement and results in the safety, leakage current and voltage stress on the device problems. Moreover, the same passive components provide good decoupling between DC and AC and ensure pure AC voltages without the need of additional filters on AC side. Which in turn reduces the cost, size, volume and power quality issues.
26RAGHUVAMSI TECHNOLOGIESRAGHUVAMSI TECHNOLOGIESIndia is one of the largest steel producers in India, Iron Ore Beneficiation & Pelletization plants along with DRI plants which will remain the back bone of Iron & Steel Industry in India.Existing DRI plants were commissioned by employing processing techniques suitable for good quality Iron ore lumps / fines. The scenario at present is - availability of good quality ore fines too has become questionable. Pelletization Technology is still under process development stage in India and abroad also ( few of them in India production DRI in India like TATA, ESSAR, JINDAL,VIKRAM ISPAT big/large process plants are producing 3000, 5000 and tones per day. pelletzation technology for Hematite / magnetite. Iron ore, especially, has been identified as an alternative DRI process. Due to the shortage of good quality lumps / ore fines alternative technology which utilities low graded iron feed should be considered. Moreover, silica, alumina and other pollutants get liberated with finer fractions. Beneficiation is -processing the ore in order to regulate the size of the product to improve iron content in it. It includes crushing and grinding, dry beneficiation etc. During the initial years, we understand of the process and characteristics of the available raw materials, the operating campaign days used to be generally less than 60 days per campaign. Over all the year, through this technology has increased more than 175 days in well established plants. The capacity utilization levels which used to be at 85-90% has now consistently crossed 100% fines converted as pellets..
27Karuna KumariCompany yet to registerHarmful and banned high pesticide content in the Indian agro products is the major challenge faced by India in the international markets incurring loss of reputation as well as foreign exchange. Moving towards organic cultivation by reducing the input of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is the only alternative to overcome this problem. Considering the harm generated by chemicals towards human health, the current global trend in food market is towards the selection of food which is cultivated in an environment friendly aspect. So neem oil and cake generated from neem seed are alternative resources to reduce the amount of fertiliser use. Neem tree described as ?21st century plant? by United Nations and the oil extracted from the neem seed has potential effects leading to its use as bio pesticide in farming. Neem oil has a very lower toxic property on humans compared to other plant pesticides. Though there are several neem oil extraction plants but the active compound Azadirachtin is seldom isolated by all these companies. Moreover, Azadiractin compund and isolation are patented by Government of India. So, the current idea of the project is to extract Azadirachtin as well as neem oil. Internationally the product has got a huge potential as many countries like Germany, USA, Canada, Italy etc. are looking towards this alternative.
28BrahmamCompany yet to register
29Prateep BasuCompany yet to registerSatSure is working towards supporting financial services and policy makers in the agricultural sector for plugging the data gaps, by using powerful algorithms that combine satellite imagery with weather and location data, and correlates the outputs with socio-economic datasets to derive insights on large area crop yield estimates, spatial crop risk scoring for insurance and re-insurance companies, credit ratings for loan verification by banks, and as a decision intelligence and risk management tool for governments and the commodity trading community. The availability of data from ground, space, and aerial sources necessitates a Big Data approach towards converting such multi-source data to actionable intelligence, which SatSure does by leveraging its custom built geospatial data platform.